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19th February 2021

Stateful Workload Endpoints and Log Timestamp Filtering

This week, we introduced some new features and fixed several bugs:

  • Automatic port detection now suggests removing unused ports
  • When connecting domains to services, the service selection dropdown is now grouped by project
  • Added duration and container runtime for manual and cron job runs to the UI
  • Added new API for stateful addons (abort backup, abort restore, delete backup, download backup endpoints)
  • Added automatic retrigger of log search after timestamp ranges are updated
  • Added favouriting pipelines, secrets and Docker credentials
  • Fixed an issue where log lines would display as objects instead of the message string during log search between specific timestamps
  • Fixed an issue causing random name generation to exceed the maximum character limit
  • Fixed an issue causing a page to crash after accepting a team invite for the invitee
  • Fixed an issue causing the job restart modal to crash if another team member opened and interacted with it
  • Fixed an issue causing interactive deployment pipelines to crash when removing a service from a stage in certain circumstances

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