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18th January 2021

Improved Deployments, Pipelines and Ports Detection

Deployment Source Overview

Deployment services now have an improved visual display of the deployment source, whether deploying Docker images from the Northflank container registry or a public/private external container registry.

Deployment Widget


To configure your services using Pipelines, you can drag and drop deployment services from the side menu to Development, Staging or Production. To add a build service, select it from the menu and choose the build you want to link from the modal. We've improved the UI & UX to make Pipelines more accessible.


Improved Port Detection

Northflank automatically detects ports from your Docker images. We've added a modal that lets you review and change the suggested ports before adding them to your services. You can detect ports during service creation or from the Ports & DNS tab in your existing services.

Automatic Port Detection

Hostname in Addons Connection Details

In addition to connection strings and secrets for addons, we've added a connection detail with a hostname of the main replica that handles write operations. This can be used for local debugging and development in applications such as DataGrip, Robo3T and SQL Workbench. Use the Northflank CLI to securely forward addons for local access and development. Alternatively continue using the full admin or data connection strings to connect to your addons normally.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Added image path validation for versions of Docker images, shows a warning if you didn't add any version or if it doesn't exist
  • In addition to us.gcr.io and eu.gcr.io, we've added support for gcr.io and asia.gcr.io Google Cloud Container Registry regions
  • Following GitHub's new registry URL we've updated the hostname from docker.pkg.github.com to ghcr.io
  • Fixed an issue causing Environment Variables not saving after switching between JSON and Table view
  • Fixed an issue causing build duration to display unknown if it was zero seconds

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