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16th November 2020

Templates & External Deployments

Start new services rapidly from predefined templates via the Northflank UI. We support a collection of popular technology stacks that automatically configure Northflank Build, Deployment and Networking.

Get started in seconds with Create React App, Node.js Express, Angular.js, PHP Laravel, Python Flask, Gatsby.js, Python Django, Vue.js, Ruby on Rails and Next.js.

Template Repositories

Deploy images from external registries

In addition to deploying images from Docker Hub, we now support deployments from external private registries with GitHub, GitLab and Google Container Registry:

  • Bring existing images to the Northflank Cloud Platform
  • The easiest way to deploy any private or public Docker image
  • Release management of your images using Northflank Pipelines
  • Pair Northflank with external CI platforms such as CircleCI, Github Actions or Gitlab CI

Start by creating a new Deployment service and select External Image as the deployment source.

External Registries


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