Feature breakdown


Northflank is a sandbox of developer tools designed for you to pick and mix the features needed to maximise productivity within your high-performance development teams.


Rationalise the requirements of the DevOps process as a small number of key concepts. Combining these concepts, you are able to build powerful workflows and craft complex infrastructure.



Projects group together services, jobs, pipelines and addons. Each project can be configured to run in a specific region or on a specific cloud provider.


Build and deployment services do exactly what they say on the tin — build and deploy your code. These can be linked via pipelines, or a combined service can be used to handle both in one go.


Jobs allow you to build and run code manually as a one-off, or on a recurring cron schedule.


With pipelines you can set up development, staging, and production environments and promote builds along linked services as and when they are ready.


Addons are deployments of stateful databases and other stores that you can access from services within the same project. These include MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis and MinIO.

Secret groups

Groups of environment variables can be defined at a project level to be inherited by all or specific services and jobs within that project.


Configurable networking means you can expose public HTTP ports from your services with automatic DNS and TLS. Bring your own domains and link with specific ports. Set up private TCP/UDP ports for secure inter-service communication.

Cloud providers

We abstract your workflow away from cloud providers to save you hassle. Behind the scenes, we deploy on GCP, AWS, and OVH bare-metal.


We know that most great development happens in teams. Creating teams and adding members is completely free, and allows you to share access to your projects with other collaborators.

Live Platform

Every aspect of the Northflank platform is built around providing the best developer experience possible. The interface is fast and reactive, resulting in a very smooth DevOps experience.

Live Platform


The web interface is completely real-time, meaning that you see updates as they happen - no refreshing or waiting for changes to take effect.

Multiple interfaces

As well as a powerful web interface (fully responsive for smaller screens), you can also interact with Northflank through our CLI client, API, or native JavaScript client.

Multi-cloud and multi-region

Choose between multiple deployment regions and cloud providers when setting up your projects.

Build & Preview

Building code on Northflank is done by build services. They can be triggered manually or on commit for full CI/CD.

Build & Preview

Git integration

You can connect your existing repositories on GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket and immediately start deploying on Northflank.

Feature branch and PR builds

Set up build triggers with filters for branches and pull requests, allowing you to automatically preview feature branches whenever they’re pushed to.

Build observability

Get detailed information about each build with our powerful logging, networking and metrics features that tell everything you need to know.

Deploy & Release

Deployment services handle the hosting of your built code or external Docker images. Every deployment service has DNS & TLS configured automatically.

Deploy & Release


Set up development, staging, and production environments and promote builds along linked services as and when they are ready.

Secure secrets

Environment variables are stored securely and can be edited easily, allowing you to store secrets and modify options with ease.

External images

Deploying an external Docker image is simple with support for both public and private images from DockerHub, GCR, GitHub and GitLab.

Operate & Scale

Northflank scales with you. Whether you’re deploying a simple static site or a complex platform made up of hundreds of microservices, we can support it.

Operate & Scale


Scale your services simply - it’s quick and easy to change the number of instances your service runs on, as well as changing to a resource plan that suits your needs.

Pause and resume

Pause your service with a click of a button, then resume it again just as quickly. Don’t spend extra money keeping services online when you don’t need them.

Logging and metrics

Detailed logging and metrics allow you to easily solve any issues you experience with your service by giving you the tools to work out exactly where the problem is.