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By Dan Ambrose

Published 26th March 2024

Send logs to Axiom from Northflank

Axiom is an observability platform that allows you to collect, explore, and monitor data at any scale. This guide will detail everything you need to know to send logs to Axiom from Northflank.

Create a dataset

You will need a Dataset in Axiom to receive your logs. If you don't already have a Dataset, or want to create a new one, select your organisation in the Axiom dashboard and navigate to the Datasets page.

Click new dataset and give it a name and description.

Create your API key

In the Axiom dashboard, open your account menu and select the API tokens page.

Create a new API token and give it a name and description. Set the permissions to ingest, and optionally restrict it to a dataset.

Add the new API key and copy or save the token somewhere secure.

Creating an Axiom API token

Create your Axiom log sink

Follow this link or navigate to the log sinks page in your team or user account settings, and add a log sink. Enter a recognisable name for the sink and select Axiom as the sink type.

Enter a name for the log sink and fill in the fields with your Axiom Dataset and API token. You shouldn’t need to modify the Axiom URL, unless you are self-hosting Axiom.

Creating an Axiom log sink in Northflank

By default, all logs from your account will be forwarded to Axiom. To target specific projects, open advanced options and specify which projects to forward logs from.

You can also enable custom label parsing if your application is configured to send additional keys in JSON-formatted log lines.

Finally, click add log sink to create your Axiom integration.

View your logs

Before your log sink is created, Northflank will send a log line to your Axiom sink to verify the credentials are correct. This appears as a log line consisting of validating log sink credentials.

Clicking on a log line will show additional metadata.

Viewing details of a log line in Axiom

Learn more about managing logs in Axiom with their documentation.

Update your log sink

If you want to modify your sink after creation, navigate to the log sink list and click on the sink to view its details.

You can update the project targets and sink data as well as pause/resume the sink.

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