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Add your cloud account to Northflank

To add a new cloud provider integration navigate to the clusters page in your account settings.

You can add credentials when creating a new cluster, or create a new integration on its own. In both cases you will be able to use the saved credentials to create new clusters in the future.

You must select a cloud provider plan before you can integrate your account. You must have sufficient resource quotas available on your cloud platform to deploy a cluster using Northflank.

Early access

Bring your own cloud is in early access and subject to change. To request access for your account please contact support.
Click here to create a new cloud provider integration.

Add your Google Cloud Platform account

You can use Northflank with an existing Google Cloud Platform project, or create a new one. It is recommended that you create a new service account to integrate with Northflank:

  1. Open your GCP console and create a new project, or select an existing one.
  2. Ensure billing is enabled and enable the Kubernetes Engine API and Cloud Resource Manager API