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Cloud provider billing

To run Northflank workloads in your own cloud provider account you must select a plan.

This allows you to use your existing billing relationships with cloud providers (including commitments or credits) for infrastructure costs. Your Northflank plan determines the included resources you can manage with the Northflank platform as well as overage costs.

You can view the included allowances and overages when selecting a plan on the clusters page, or from your billing page if you already have a plan selected. Plan allowances and overage costs are calculated across all of your cloud provider accounts.

Your cloud provider plan and costs will be displayed on your billing page, with your monthly spend broken down in your current usage and invoices.

You can view the total number of clusters, vCPU, and memory provisioned in your cloud providers on your clusters page .

Early access

Bring your own cloud is in early access and subject to change. To request access for your account please contact support.
Click here to select a plan to run workloads on your preferred cloud provider.


Pay as you go

The pay as you go plan can be a cost-effective option to try Northflank on your cloud, or to run your production workloads if you only require minimal resources.

This plan is limited to integrating with one cloud provider account, and vCPU and memory allowance is fixed and not per cluster.


The startup tier has no limit to the number of cloud provider accounts you can integrate with Northflank.

Resource allowances and overages are calculated per cluster which gives you more flexibility to scale.

Custom plan

Schedule a call to discuss custom plans tailored to your infrastructure requirements, with scaling overages and enhanced support.


If you provision more resources than are included in your plan you will be charged overage costs, as specified by your plan.

Overage costs are calculated on an account level, with vCPU and memory summed across all deployed clusters before your allowances are deducted. For example, if you have deployed 3 clusters and your plan includes 40 vCPU per cluster you can provision 120 vCPU over 3 clusters. However, if you only deploy 2 clusters you can only provision 80 vCPU before you incur vCPU overages.

Pay as you go plans are not calculated per cluster, and include a fixed amount of vCPU and memory instead. Any usage above these allocated resources will be charged overage.