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Create a Kubernetes cluster with Northflank

To add a new cluster, navigate to the clusters page in your account settings and click create cluster.

Select the cloud provider you want to create a cluster on. You can create a new cluster using credentials already saved to your account, or create a new integration.

Create a new cluster in the Northflank application

Enter a recognisable name for the cluster, select the region to deploy in and the Kubernetes version to use. The available regions and Kubernetes versions depend on your chosen cloud provider. If you are deploying on Google Cloud Platform, enter your Google project ID.

ProviderAvailable regionsAvailable Kubernetes versions
Amazon (EKS) eu-west-21.25
Azure (AKS) uksouth, eastus1.25
Google (GKE) europe-west2, europe-west4, us-central1, us-east4, us-west11.25

Configure node pools

You can now configure the node pools for your cluster. Node pools can also be added, deleted, and updated after creating your cluster.

Each cluster requires at least one node pool. Click add node pool to add another pool.

Azure system node pool

If you are creating a cluster on Azure one node pool must be assigned as the system node pool to schedule non-user workloads. For best performance you should assign it more than one node and disable autoscaling.
Create a new Azure node pool in the Northflank application

See manage and use your Kubernetes cluster for more information on nodes and node pools.

Google project ID

The Google project ID field will be automatically filled based on the provided credentials.

Provision and install cluster

Click create cluster and Northflank will begin provisioning resources and installing the platform on your cloud provider. This may take 15-20 minutes.

Northflank will first create the cluster and node pools, and then install the Northflank components for network, certificate, volume, and workload management. You can monitor the process by selecting the cluster from the clusters page in account settings.

You, and team members, can now create projects with your cluster as the provider to begin using it.

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