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Add path ignore rules

You can add path ignore rules to a build or combined service under advanced options when creating a service, or on the build options page for an existing service, under advanced build settings in the configure build type section.

You can assign path ignore rules to prevent builds from starting automatically when certain files in your repository are modified.

If you provide one or more path ignore rules, your service will only automatically start a new build if a commit is pushed to the repository that modifies files not listed in the path ignore rules.

Path ignore rules could, for example, be set to ignore changes made to README.md or other documentation files. If you are building from a monorepo, you could set path ignore rules ignore changes to files outside of the specific service in the monorepo you want to build.

Path ignore rules are formatted the same way as a .gitignore file , for example:

README.md               # ignore all README.md files
node_modules/           # ignore all files and subdirectories in the node_modules directory
*.foo                   # ignore all files ending in .foo
**/foo                  # ingore all directories in the repository named 'foo'
!important/file.foo     # don't ignore important/file.foo

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