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Grant a team member API access

You can enable your team members to use and manage projects, resources, and team settings on Northflank via the API by creating API roles.

You can configure API roles with granular access, giving permissions to perform certain actions, and restricting roles to interact only with designated projects.

Your team members can create API tokens for their accounts using these roles, and you can specify which team members have access to a role.

Manage team API roles

API roles define the permissions granted by the API tokens the team members can generate. You can edit roles after they are created to update permissions in real time.

You can create or edit an API role from the API roles page in your team account . You must have the team > admin > manage permission to create and edit API roles.

Creating an API role for a team in the Northflank application

You can restrict roles to only allow access to specific projects, and grant access to the role only to selected team members.

If you delete a role it will revoke all the user tokens generated using the role.

Create user API tokens

Team members must generate their own personal tokens from the tokens page in team settings using one of the available roles.

Team members that create an API token using the role will be able to view but not modify it.

Creating a team API token from a role in the Northflank application