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Using role-based access control

You can manage the permissions of your team members using role-based access control (RBAC). These roles define the resources that your team members can view and edit in the Northflank UI.

Roles can be given specific permissions based on CRUD operations for the different Northflank resources such as projects, services, jobs, pipelines and addons. Roles can also be restricted to certain projects, and be given permissions to manage aspects of the team itself.

Click here to view your team's roles.

Default roles


When you create a team you are given the irrevocable role of owner. This role grants all permissions across the entire team account and cannot be assigned to another user. The owner cannot be removed from the team.


The default admin role grants a user full permissions across the team to create, read, update, and delete resources and modify team settings. You should check and modify the permissions granted by the admin role when you create your team.


When you invite a user to a team they are automatically assigned the default role which permits limited access to create, read, and update resources, but not to delete them, and only access to view team settings. You should check and modify the permissions granted by the default role when you create your team.

Create and edit roles

The team owner and any role with permissions, such as the admin role, can create and modify roles in the team's account settings.

You can select members to be assigned to the role immediately, or grant the role to members later.

Creating a role for a team in the Northflank application