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Create a Discord integration

You can create or update a Discord integration from the notifications page in your account/team settings. You need to have manage webhooks permissions on the server you want to receive notifications in.

  1. Select the Discord integration type and the types of event you want to receive notifications about. You can also choose to only receive notifications about events in specific projects.
  2. In Discord, either edit channel or select integrations from server settings. View webhooks and select new webhook. Give your integration a recognisable name, like Northflank notifications bot or Northflank project X, and select the channel it will post notifications in. You can also add an avatar, such as your own team/project logo.
  3. Click copy webhook URL, return to Northflank, and paste it in the webhook URL field
  4. Click create notification integration, and your Discord channel should receive a notification to confirm the integration

Your channel will now receive the configured alerts whenever an event triggers them.

Edit a Discord notification integration

You can edit the events that will send a notification to your Slack channel, or restrict/unrestrict alerts to certain projects.

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