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Notification integrations

Notification integrations provide you with a way to be notified when events, such as build failures, occur on the Northflank platform through external services, such as Slack.

Setting up a notification integration

You can view and update your existing notification integrations or create new ones by navigating to the notifications section under integrations in your account settings.


There are currently three types of notification integrations you can create: the Slack and Discord types can be used to send formatted notifications to your messaging service of choice; and the webhook type can be used to send notifications a HTTP endpoint for processing.

Filtering Events

There are two ways of filtering the events a notification integration notifies you of: by type and by project. To filter events by type, such that you only receive notifications corresponding to certain things occurring on the Northflank platform, select the desired types under the Events section of the create/update notification integration form. To filter events by project, such that you only receive notifications corresponding to selected projects, enable the Handle events only from specific projects option and select all the projects you wish to receive notifications for.

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