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Deploy a build in a pipeline

Pipelines on Northflank allow you to create and manage complex workflows, deploying your code in different stages for development, testing, and production.

Combined with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), pipelines offer an incredible amount of flexibility to support your development process.


You'll need the following to get started:

Set up a pipeline

Pipelines are specific to projects, you can only use built images and deployment services from the project containing your pipeline.

To set your development pipeline up, create a new pipeline and drag deployment services from the pipeline menu into stages. Deployment services can only be used in one pipeline, if you do not have any available, create new deployment services with Northflank as the source.

Deploy from a branch or pull request

Linking a branch or pull request means that your deployment will use the latest built commit from that branch or pull request, provided you have configured the build rules to monitor it and that CI is enabled. Without any configured build rules Northflank will build every commit to the repository.

To link a branch or pull request select the build service from the pipeline menu that contains the repository you want to use builds from. From the build selection menu, view either branches or pull requests and click the link button next to the branch or pull request you want to link. Find the deployment service you want to link with the branch or pull request and deploy the build. You can now click back to continue linking other services, or close the build selection menu.

As long as there is a successful build from the linked branch or pull request, the service will deploy that built image.

If deploy latest is enabled, the service will always use the most recent successfully built commit on that branch or pull request. If it is disabled, it will continue to use the current build and ignore future builds, until a new one is manually set or deploy latest is re-enabled. You will be unable to toggle deploy latest on if there is no successful build in the linked service.

Deploy a specific build

To deploy a specific build select the build service from the pipeline menu that contains the repository you want to use builds from. Find the build you want to deploy in the build selection menu, click the deploy build button , and select the deployment in the stage you want to use. The service will now restart using the selected build and build latest will be toggled off by default.

If you enable build latest after manually deploying a build, the service will begin deploying the latest commits to the branch or pull request that contains the currently deployed build.

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