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Scale replicas/instances

You can increase or decrease the number of running replicas of your deployed services depending on demand. Northflank will automatically load-balance in order to ensure an even distribution of traffic to each replica.

Each replica created will have the same resources (compute power, memory and storage) as configured in the service.

Scaling an addon will create additional copies of the database or storage to increase availability, however this works differently depending on the type of addon.

Scaling a service

You can scale a deployment up or down from the service overview using the scaling button in the header, or from the resources page.

Each replica will have the same resources as is configured for the service and Northflank will automatically load-balance traffic to each replica to ensure maximum availability.

Scaling a service to 0 replicas will make it unavailable. If you leave CI enabled the service will still build the latest commit to the linked repository, if you leave CD enabled it will also deploy that latest build when scaled up again.

Scaling a database

You can select the number of replica sets your database will use to increase availability, these replica sets contain a copy of the database to improve availability.

Databases can be scaled up from the resources page but cannot be scaled down. Any increase will be permanent.

See database scaling for more detailed information.

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