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Manage API tokens

An API token authenticates a user or program to an application programming interface (API).

The Northflank API uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication.

Tokens can be issued with different levels of authorization defining which resources in the API the user or application with the token can access and which operations can be performed on those resources, e.g. resource Projects, permission Read.

Northflank API tokens apply across projects by default, but can be restricted to specific projects.

Use a token

To use your API token simply copy the token from either the list or the edit token page and pass it into your application.

You should use environment variables to inject sensitive secrets into your applications.

Your application will now have access to your Northflank projects and services as granted by the token.


Never share your API token or commit it to a repository!

Edit a token

Users can edit API tokens by clicking through to the token from the list and updating the desired permissions and restrictions. The token can also be deleted, which will remove access from any applications currently using it.

Team members cannot edit individual API token settings, only API token templates can be edited by team members with the correct permissions.

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