Persistent storage volumes can be accessed and used by services within the same project.

The use of the volume will depend on the implementation in your application or service. Your deployment should be configured to receive connection details from environment variables.

Open the connection details page in your storage volume addon to view the relevant end points, commands and secrets, which you can use to connect to the storage volume from your deployments.

You can forward a storage volume for local access using the Northflank CLI.

Your storage volume must be running in order to access it.

You can view and copy the command to connect to a specific storage volume on its overview, in the local access section, or use the following commands:

  • To forward a specific storage volume:

    sudo northflank forward addon --projectId [project-name] --addonId [addon-name]
  • To forward all ports in a project:

    sudo northflank forward all --projectId [project-name]

You can now connect to your storage volume locally.

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