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Project types

You will be given the choice of what type of project to create if you are on a user account, and you do not already have a free project.

Click here to create a new project.

Free projects

You can have one free project on your user account, and the resources you create within it will be limited. You will not be billed for any usage within a free project, but you must add a card to your account for verification first.

Free projects will be limited in:

If you want to create more services or increase the available resources, you can upgrade the free project or create a new unrestricted project.

Teams cannot create free projects.

Unrestricted projects

You can create any number of unrestricted projects.

You can create an unrestricted number of services, jobs, and addons, with the full range of resources available for each.

If you require more computing power, replicas, or storage than available by default please contact

You will be billed for usage within an unrestricted project.

Upgrade a project

To upgrade a limited, free project to an unrestricted project, click upgrade in the project header.

Any services, jobs, and addons will become billable, and project limits will be removed. An unrestricted project cannot be converted back to a free project.

Your deployments could take a few minutes to restart.

Delete a project

You can delete a project from the project options menu in the header of your project, or from the project billing page.

Deleting a project will trigger the deletion of all resources contained within it, including builds, deployments, jobs, addons, as well as configurations such as secret groups and release flows. The process is irreversible, so please ensure you have backed up any databases and configuration files you want to keep.